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The solution


Controller design and elegant, functional, integrated system running icon shows that the system status display a clear.



The front panel is installed


Functional advantages
The average temperature control, control more accurate
Can realize the control, the average temperature measurement points such as monitoring of air-conditioner into the return air temperature at the same time, we make more accurate temperature control
Communication port
Standard TTL communication port, in line with the ModBUS RTU communication protocol, can be used for remote monitoring.
Perfect energy saving function
Fan can be optimized management, when dealing with energy saving operation mode, the energy conservation icon (ECO) light
To set the night mode, to achieve energy saving
Condensation temperature monitoring
Sustainable for condenser temperature alarm monitoring, timely find fault alarm
Strong cold function
When freezer just release cargo, the compressor can be rapidly temperature to a temperature, achieve rapid cooling
Intelligent frost - real time clock function (optional)
Through the clock setting holidays and night mode
Implement frost set at any time 24 hours 7 days a week