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The 18th China Retail Trade Fair was successfully concluded

Date:2016年12月2日 09:09

 The 18th China Retail Trade Fair was successfully concluded



On November 5, the 18th China Retail Trade Fair (CHINASHOP 2016), which lasted three days, was successfully concluded at Suzhou International Expo Center. This exhibition is held in Suzhou, a rich and commercial city in the millennium. With the theme of "Renewing and Converting and Converting Retail to New Layout", many advanced equipments, technologies and concepts of retail industry are introduced. Bringing a "traditional and modern integration," the wonderful feast!



The exhibition area in the exhibition, the number of booths and the number of visitors have made great breakthroughs, including the exhibition area for the first time more than 80,000 square meters, the number of booths to more than 3,200. It is worth mentioning that, three-day extension, CHINASHOP attracted more than 45,000 visitors to the scene to conduct professional visitors, the number of overseas visitors have increased significantly over previous years. In addition to the key data on the breakthrough, this year's show also showed the following characteristics:




1. Leading-edge technology convergence, lit CHINASHOP scene

In recent years, retail entities in China face many challenges, while retailers are making self-examination and seeking change. CHINASHOP, as the leader of the development trend of China's retail industry, has been providing powerful help and support for the transformation of retail enterprises.



The opening ceremony of this year's event left a deep impression on all participants, accompanied by the dancing of the robot side of the robot team and unmanned aerial vehicle formation performance, attracted the audience bursts of admiration. In addition, Hi-shop in the exhibition site to experience the future of the store also introduced the current industry generally concerned about the RFID store data acquisition system, intelligent face recognition advertising, DataWall store heat collection system, the whole channel cash register, eGate intelligent security , Electronic price tag, O2O touch one machine and the cold and hot one cabinet, and other latest technology and equipment. The application of these technologies and equipment in the audience caused a strong response, but also for the retailers better future consumer research, analysis of store operations, building a large database for their own to bring more inspiration and thinking.





2. Well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises gathered, the overall solution to become mainstream

The exhibition attracted nearly 700 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises to participate in, divided into retail FMCG, business equipment, mobile POS, cold chain logistics, commercial design, security, weighing, IT technology integrated solutions, future trends products, overseas Goods, such as the top ten exhibition, on display 10,000 kinds of products. Many well-known brands such as Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Intel, Haier, Zebra, Wangzheng, Deli Jie and Hisense all bring their latest products to the scene and show them to retailers from all over the country.




It is worth mentioning that the overall solution to show the mainstream of this exhibition. Faced with fierce competition in the market and the impact of new industries such as electricity providers, the past, a single device and products have been unable to meet the growing demand for retail enterprises. In response to this trend, many exhibitors this year, such as Danfoss, Panasonic have launched their own integrated solutions, these holistic solutions include equipment, technology, shop decoration, energy saving and other options to help retailers Comprehensively improve the store operation ability, at the same time greatly saves the operating cost, has more advantages in the market competition.


3. Professional activities Watch the industry hot spots, a hard-spot meeting

In view of the current development of the industry hot spots, this exhibition special planning and organization of a series of forums and conferences, and invited a number of heavyweight guests to attend. These Forums and Conferences throughout the show, there are three or four lines for the status of urban retail development "Regional Retail Development Forum"; on energy saving, logistics and other fields of expertise "to create low-energy stores Forum", "Supply Chain Forum"; But also to promote overseas characteristics of goods "overseas characteristics of goods promotion" and so on.


In addition, with more professional enterprises, organizations, cooperation is also a major breakthrough in field activities this year. The "Smart Retail Industry Frontier Forum" jointly organized by Intel and the "GMIC + Future Retail Forum" jointly organized with the Great Wall will also bring the event to the climax. Many well-known enterprises, the industry's large coffee site to share, numerous wonderful view of the passion collision, making CHINASHOP exhibition during the various forums, conference venues full, a hard to find activities at the scene with the shop, micro roar and other well-known network broadcast enterprise Cooperation, in the form of webcast activities to the country, triggering the entire retail industry hot.


For China's retail industry, the upcoming 2016 is a year full of change, is also full of opportunities for the year. The 18th China Retail Trade Fair in a short three-day exhibition for all the audience dedicated to a wonderful feast of the industry, the integration of advanced technology in the traditional retail industry will radiate a new style! The next show will be 11 On April 2-4, we moved to the western part of China - Chongqing. Let us meet again in 2017. CHINASHOP looks forward to meeting you again.






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